Class and Fee Schedule

We have the following programs available:



Kids Karate – BEGINNER 8-14 YRS (White – Advanced Yellow Belt)

Kids Karate – ORANGE & RED BELTS



Adult Karate – BEGINNER (White – Green Belts)


Kids & Adult BJJ – ALL LEVELS


Kids & Adult Kali – ALL LEVELS




1 class per week - $300 + HST

2 classes per week - $450 + HST

Fall 2021:   September 20 - December 9



Your health and safety is our number one priority.

Stage 3: ETOBICOKE DOJO Return to Training Protocols


Public Health Requirements


In Stage 3, using the main room of the Hall, at 50% capacity, with 2m apart, we can have 60 people indoors. We will be keeping daily records of all persons who enter the Dojo. Only people living in the same city will be invited to train at the Dojo.

Should any student appear unwell in class, they will be isolated, and the class will end. The rest of the classes will be cancelled for that day.


Physical Distancing Requirements


We will encourage participants to remain respectful of personal space. Physical contact will be limited to target holding, partner drills and self defense. There will be no free sparring / free rolling permitted. At this time, mouth guards will not be used as they increase the risk of spray from an athletes’ mouth. For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), when practicing drills with a partner, you must only work with one partner for the duration of the whole class. Instructors will record who worked with whom that day.


Sanitation Requirements


All high contact surfaces will be cleaned before each class. Any equipment used will be cleaned after each class. The floors and washrooms will be cleaned daily.


Personal Hygiene Requirements


To keep everyone safe and healthy please be diligent about self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms. If you experience any of the symptoms, do not come to class. PLEASE SELF ISOLATE and contact your health care provider to see if you

need a COVID test. Go to and I will also have paper copies available at reception.


Please observe basic hygiene by washing your hands frequently and not touching your face. Wash your uniform for every class.




Everyone will wear a MASK indoors. There will be moments when the instructor will give students a chance for distanced breathing (mask free) & water breaks. The instructor may remove their mask while giving the class instructions to help everyone hear the instructions clearer.


Please do not enter the Dojo until the previous class has been dismissed. If spacing permits you are welcome to wait in the vestibule until the previous class is dismissed. Parents are not permitted to wait in the vestibule (unless it is the 4– 7-year-old class)

There will be screening as you enter the Dojo. We will take your temperature. Then you will be led to go wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer. Participants of the BJJ class will gargle with an antiviral mouthwash for 60 secs. For the active portions of BJJ class, masks may be removed. In all other instances masks will remain on.


Please find a red, numbered circle along the perimeter of the room to place your shoes and water bottle under.

When using the washroom, please put your shoes on.


After class please quickly gather your things so you can exit, and the students of the next class can start the screening process. Parents, please wait outside. Do not park in front of the vestibule doors in the area marked NO PARKING. This way we can clearly see the parents waiting in the parking lot.


Thank you for taking the time to observe these class procedures. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy.






e.     p. +1 416 234-8122    a. Holy Angels Parish Hall, 63 Jutland Road, Etobicoke, ON  M8Z 2G6